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Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative “Stem Cell” Therapy is an exciting new branch of treatment that has revolutionized the medical field. Simply put, regenerative “stem cell” therapy uses the body’s own regenerative powers.
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Whether you got injured in a car accident, slipping on a poorly maintained porch, or in another situation in which you weren’t at fault, recovery can feel like a long road.
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Joint pain is common among adults and can include aches and soreness in areas where your bones meet. Pain in the joints occurs when damage (injury) or disease affects.
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Part of the challenge in effectively treating head pain is that it has a wide variety of causes. Your head pain might come from the overactivity of your head’s pain structures.
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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a type of regenerative medicine that uses platelets to heal injuries. Platelets are found in your blood and are best known for the role they play in clotting blood.
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The theory behind a spinal cord stimulator is similar to a cardiac pacemaker. Dr. Cabaret implants a device near your spine with the goal of blocking or modifying nerve activity.