When You Don’t Live Nearby: Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers


  As aging parents grow older, their need for assistance can increase. Mobility can change, making home navigation and performing activities of daily living difficult, driving can become more challenging, and forgetfulness can have serious consequences. Based on life changes for their aging parents, many adult children choose to become caregivers when this happens. But […]

Staying Active Helps the Lower Back


In the past, patients may have been prescribed bed rest by their family doctor for low back pain. These days, treatment guidelines recommend staying active during the recovery process. Why the change? There are two types of muscles in the back: the superficial muscles and the deep muscles. The superficial muscles are used to perform […]

Is Whiplash the Cause of My Dizziness?


Whiplash, or better termed “Whiplash Associated Disorders” (WAD), is a condition that carries multiple signs and symptoms ranging from neck pain and stiffness to headache, confusion, ringing in the ears, and more. But can WAD cause dizziness? Let’s take a look! Dizziness is a general term that is used rather loosely by the general population. […]

Why Does My Back Hurt?

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It’s been said that if you haven’t had back pain, just wait, because (statistically) some day you will! The following list is a list of “causes” that can be easily “fixed” to reduce your risk for a back pain episode. 1. MATTRESS: Which type of mattress is best? The “short answer”: there is no single […]

Fibromyalgia: A Whole Body Approach

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Fibromyalgia is a complicated disorder that’s difficult to diagnose because it involves multiple body systems. As a result, there are a myriad of factors in the body that can play a role in a patient’s symptoms. That said, it’s best to take a whole body approach when it comes to treating a complex condition like […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Why Is It So Bad at Night?


For those who have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), it’s no surprise that CTS is frequently most expressive during the night, often to the point of interrupting sleep and/or making it difficult to fall back to sleep. So why is that? The primary reason for nighttime CTS symptoms has to do with the wrist, as it […]

Walking vs. Running

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The focus on aerobic exercise is all around us. You can’t pass a magazine stand without being inundated with cover pictures of people walking, running, cycling, or doing some form of exercise. So the question begs, is walking good enough? Let’s take a look!A GREAT plus about walking is that it can be done virtually […]