Driving While “INTEXTICATED”!

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Is texting while driving any different than drinking and driving? One might argue that because there is no alcohol involved, “it’s okay.” But is it? Here are some SOBERING FACTS about texting and driving: Believed to contribute to 1.6 million crashes/year. (National Safety Council) Linked to an estimated 330,000 injuries per year. (Harvard Center for […]

Neck Pain – Management Strategies

fibromyalgia can lead to widespread pain sleep problems and other symptoms

When you make an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation for your neck pain, your doctor of chiropractic will provide both in-office procedures as well as teach you many self-help approaches so that as a “team”, you can manage your neck pain or headache complaint to a satisfying end-point. So, what are some of these procedures? […]